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I got you!


Every song, no matter how detailed or simple, started out as an idea. If you have an idea (or a vision) and are driven to create a record but don't have the means to, I want to help you!


With your ideas in my hand, I communicate with you, collaborate with you, and run my fresh ideas through you to make a fully produced song. 


Whether it's a voice memo on your phone or just some thoughts in your head, I can work with you to achieve your vision.


All I need is your trust. Together, we will make something magical!


Mixing & Mastering

40,000+ songs get uploaded to Spotify EVERY DAY.

With so many people putting out content today, it's more crucial now than ever to stand out. The quickest way to rise above the noise is to have pristine sonic quality in your tracks. 

Don't ruin the potential of your song because the kick is floppy or the vocals are too quiet. The stakes are high now and you NEED to put out nothing but stellar-sounding records.

Get your track sounding release-ready with a proper mix and master. You WILL stand out as a serious artist and doors of opportunity will open for you.


If you have a song that you've already released and you're looking more content, double your reach, and keep the momentum rolling, then release a remix is a really good way to go!

I can take your track, no matter the genre, and turn it into a modern remix. You can pick a style for the remix or just leave that up to me. 

From personal experience, hearing one of your songs in a new interpretation is incredibly fun.

I strongly recommend following up your release with a remix. 



Right now, learning to produce music has never been easier. However, learning to produce like a pro is not.


It takes time and energy to sift through Reddit threads, Facebook groups, Youtube tutorials, and production blogs trying to find the answers you seek.

The truth is, the real pros are not posting to these places nearly as often as the "armchair experts" are.

I want to see you succeed as a producer and bypass the mountains of misleading information on the web. Through 1-on-1 remote sessions, you will be fast-tracked to becoming the best producer you can be. You'll know right from wrong and be super equipped to make music that stands out autonomously. 


Fill out the form today and let's schedule a chat!

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