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I take your great idea and turn it into a reality. A living and breathing masterpiece you get to call your own



I take your song and I turn it into a polished track that that sounds like the top dogs.



I take your song and  reimagine it as an electronic music gem. 



Want to take music more seriously and produce like a pro? I'll teach you.


what people say

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what others are saying...

Niko Kotoulas

Global concert pianist and producer with over 50 million global streams across Spotify, YouTube and other platforms.

"He (Matt) is a 'full-stack' producer. [...] He understands songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, and vocal production. I haven't been able to find many producers that can do all of those at an extremely high level and extreme professional level. You're going to be happy with what Matt works on. [...] This guy's the MAN. I couldn't recommend him more."

Location: California, USA

Stavros Piperis

Greek-American singer and songwriter.

"One of the things I was most impressed about Matt is how intuitively he picked up on what I was looking for as an artist and as a performer. And how effectively and quickly he was able to implement that into the project we were working on.

I sent Matt a rough voice memo of the single that I wanted, a couple of song references and a paragraph of what I was going for sound-wise. He... just... knocked it out of the park!

Location: Nebraska, USA

Blake La Grange

Grammy-Winning Producer and Engineer for Kanye West, Skrillex, Lil Wayne & A$AP Rocky

"(Matt's) incredible at vocal and song production, fantastic at mixing and mastering, really easy to work with, and he will pay attention to all of the little details of your project. If you're looking for someone to really, just crush it on your next project, I can GUARENTEE you that Matt's your guy!"

Location: New York, USA


How I can help you

In our ever saturating world of music, it's critical that you make your music sound as amazing as possible. From the initial production stage, to mixing, to mastering, every step is crucial. 

  1. It can be the difference between having a song you're proud of or being so embarrassed that you never release it. 

  2. It can be the difference between getting signed or getting rejected.

  3. It can be the difference between getting millions of streams or getting ignored.


40,000+ songs get added to Spotify daily and your song deserves to stand out above the terrible-sounding mixes adding to the 'noise'. 

If you want to be a cut above the rest and be taken seriously, then hit the button below, and let's see if we're right for each other.


Let's see how I can help you with your music!

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